The Curious Case of HSC Result Trends In Bangladesh

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The Curious Case of HSC Result Trends In Bangladesh

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For as long as couple of years, board exams in Bangladesh took after a typical pattern: every year there was a higher passing and GPA 5 rate than the prior year. It had been able to such a phase, to the point that numerous anticipated 100% of the understudies would get GPA 5 eventually soon. All that transformed for the current year. The passing rate and GPA 5 rate descended to some degree in the SSC exams and generously in the HSC exams. The amusement, so to say, has changed.

To place things into point of view, in 2014, there was a passing rate of 78.3% for the HSC Exams, which has seen a sharp drop with just around 69.6% passing this year. So also, there were just around 42,800 GPA 5's recorded across the country, rather than around 70,600 a year ago. Why we had such a sensational turnaround is a troublesome inquiry. In any case, in any case it has left future competitors feeling restless.

Tahsin Azad, an understudy of class 11 at Bangladesh International School, said the outcomes this year transformed her arrangements for the following two years. "We are so usual to getting results showing signs of improvement consistently, what happened this time truly frightened me. I am going to hit the books immediately. I know getting into a decent college is a definitive objective however a decent HSC result resemble an establishment."

Mazharul Jannat, from Milestone College, said, "I am not certain why the outcomes were so awful this year. Is it in light of the fact that the assessment was stricter? I am confounded and it's sincerely unsettling… pondering what it will resemble when our time comes."

Araf Sayeed, from Notre Dame College, said something somewhat distinctive: "It shouldn't have any kind of effect to us if the quantity of GPA 5's is going down. The fact of the matter is to get into your wanted college. GPA 5 doesn't get you into BUET."

Awsaf Ashraf Enan, likewise from Notre Dame College, feels it may really be something to be thankful for: "We required a more tightly assessment of our endeavors, on the grounds that in all honesty, if everybody is getting high evaluations then those evaluations don't mean anything."

There are different repercussions. A down turn in results fundamentally implies understudies have, all things considered, scored less denote this year. So they will probably miss an A+ in individual subjects. Not getting an A+ in any of the science papers excludes somebody from sitting for confirmation tests at BUET and other building foundations, whilst grade focuses are computed for the affirmation test at Dhaka University. Along these lines, scoring less here can influence somebody pretty gravely in their confirmation procedure.

In any case, educators and scholastics have since quite a while ago contended that outcomes ought to, truth be told, be this way.

Titas Rozario, Assistant Professor at Notre Dame College, said, "I think this is the most precise photo of the understudies in our nation. Our instruction hasn't achieved a phase where 70,000 merit GPA 5. Along these lines, I wouldn't fret this. I think they have at last assessed the understudies legitimately. Those meriting BUET or DU confirmation will get in at any rate."

What this implies is that future competitors will need to work a great deal harder.

***The info was updated on: 07-Aug-2016.

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